The Fabricator will develop layout and plans sequence of operations for fabricating and assembling structural metal products, applying trigonometry and knowledge of metal.

Locates and marks bending and cutting lines onto workpiece, allowing for stock thickness and machine and welding shrinkage.

  • Hammers, chips, and grinds workpiece to cut, bend, and straighten metal.
  • He/she will verify conformance of workpiece to specifications, using square, ruler, and measuring tape.
  • Preheats workpieces to render them malleable, using hand torch or furnace.
  • Positions, aligns, fits, and welds together parts, using jigs, welding torch, and hand tools.
  • Sets up and operates fabricating machines, such as brakes, rolls, shears, flame cutters, and drill presses.
  • Sets up and operates machine tools associated with fabricating shops, such as radial drill, end mill, and edge planer.
  • Designs and constructs templates and fixtures, using hand tools.

Responsible for set-up, lay-out , and tack-up of various precision frame weldments and brackets. Has the ability to tack up structures to tight tolerance. Ability to weld out precision frames to exact tolerances. Ability to hold final required cosmetic finish with angle grinders and sanders. Use five ton crane in a safe manner. Has essential “rigging” knowledge. Can move parts and heavy frames on and off machinery and throughout the facility. Read complicated prints and “spec. weld symbols” in conjunction with manual machinist for first and second opp. Procedures.

  • Tig and Mig weld milled steel, aluminnum, and stainless steel.
  • Square up and weld various geometries of components.
  • Understand various weld form symbols on blue prints and understand size of fillet forms.
  • Weld both vertical and horizontal plane geometry.
  • Understand various edge preps before welding.
  • Good understanding of set up techniques.
  • Interact with organizational team members and other departments in a professional manner.
  • Assists in formulating departmental strategic plan.