Will provide logistics support activities related to the concept definition, design, development, production, operation, maintenance, training for, and support of various weapon systems being acquired. These activities include the full range of logistics actions required to analyze problems, define alternative solutions, provide recommended courses of action, and provide written reports. Logistics studies, resource requirements analyses (manpower, spares, etc.), readiness assessments, cost analyses (including trade studies), and comparative logistics/cost trade-offs of specific problems or areas of emphasis are performed. These studies address the support system or weapon system/subsystem/component design, concept definition, development, production, modification, operations, maintenance, or training. Conducts specialized analyses on life-cycle cost, logistics supportability, and warranty. In addition, provides a wide range of supply operations services including customer service, stock control, document control, hazardous material pharmacy, equipment management, mission support, computer operations, and a number of other traditional services.


Senior Position

The Senior Position is responsible for providing technical advice and guidance to journeyman logisticians; also for planning, scheduling, coordinating, and estimating major complex tasks. Is knowledgeable in specialized acquisition logistics, Integrated Logistics Support (ILS)/Product Support, and sustainment activities required to ensure that fielded weapon systems achieve the required readiness and supportability posture at an affordable total life-cycle cost.


The Journeyman is responsible for creating and implementing logistics plans; evaluating the system design to ensure a fully supportable system is fielded; directing integrated logistics support (ILS) objectives; participating in plans development; ensuring comprehensive consideration of all factors that impact logistics design and support; integrating current logistics concepts into preliminary planning to evaluate the various options for maintenance concepts, level-of-repair decisions, and support/test equipment requirements; and evaluating support alternatives from the standpoint of life-cycle cost and other trade parameters to ensure optimal use of resources without degrading operational readiness. In addition, the individual will assist with revisions of all Life Cycle Management Plans (LCMPs), Integrated Logistics Support Plans (ILSPs), Contract Data Requirements Lists (CDRLs), inputs to Program Management Plans (PMPs), replies to Systems Operational Requirements Document (SORD), Performance Work Statement (PWS) and other evaluation criteria/reports.