The Mechanic will perform typical maintenance operations, such as the removal and replacement of aircraft airframe and powerplant components that require bolting, torquing, adjusting rigging and safety wiring to ensure airworthiness. Responsible for the proper execution of part tags attached to repairable, serviceable or condemned parts. He/she is able to read and use Maintenance Manuals, Illustrated Parts Catalog, Blueprints, ATA Codes, Service Bulletins, routine and non-routines and other related maintenance documents in order to troubleshoot and effectively complete work assignments.

Accomplish work within job standards and estimated hours and meet or exceed quality standards as set by approved customer maintenance program.

Lead Mechanic

The Lead Mechanic is a working member of his crew, who is charged with the responsibility of leading, directing, assigning and approving the work of the other members of his/her crew. Lead Mechanics are selected for their technical skills with due consideration for their ability to lead people and accept responsibility. The Lead Mechanic is capable of interpreting drawings and blueprints to accomplish a specific task. The Lead Mechanic must have good general knowledge of flight controls, rigging, aircraft systems, landing gear, engines, and hydraulics. He/she understands and follows maintenance manuals and IPCs. The Lead Mechanic has the ability to lead people and accept all responsibility.